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So, Tiffany “New York” Pollard has teamed up with Poprah for Poprah’s new line of cosmetics. WOW! I would see these two as enemies before buddies. New York is also wearing her natural hair and I must say it is a good look. It seems like all these reality chicks just want to lay up and go to the place and have a photo shoot. #Conceited


Russell Simmons was here in Atlanta promoting his new book: Super Rich “A guide to Having it All”. The book isn’t as long as I thought it would be but, is definitely suppose to be a treat. Some people confuse having it all with money and clothes. Russell demonstrates having it all as spiritual and understanding the movie that we call “Life!”. I picked up me and copy, and I must say I am interested in seeing where the book will take make me mentally. It was good to see that he was approachable and was just excited to you as we were to see him.





Fashion Find: #Louis Vuitton

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Well here you have a nice pair of Boat Shoes from Louis Vuitton. Boat shoes have been out for a minute now and seem to haven’t lost their hype just yet either. These are a nice fresh version, seems to have been made from a quality leather l. These are apart of the upcoming spring “11 Line.